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Ant Pest Control By Pest Control Services Bury

As all ants are social insects and a nest can contain many thousands of individuals who are part of a social hierarchy were each is born into their own caste which dictates their position within the colony and the type of work they action. Because ants are social insects many ant pest control remedies rely on the ants taking toxins back to the nest and therefore back to the queen and the rest of the colony.

Species Of Ant In Your Bury Home

Not all species of ants will nest in the nooks and crannies of nearby buildings and forage for food inside but instead construct nests and house their colony in the ground or in logs and trees. With an average colony of between 4000 and 7000 worker ants the black garden ant is a species of ant that lives and nests in the UK.

Ant extraction is a perfected process and Pest Control Services Bury specialists have the know how to eradicate these insects from your home by locating the nest.

Ant Control Treatment By Pest Control Services Bury

When the summer gets to it's height and you begin to notice a swarm of black garden ants intruding on your home it is time to call in Pest Control Services Bury as we can remove this and other species of ant from your home providing an insect and disease free home.

Ants are difficult to get rid of and they are very resilient so this is why Pest Control Services Bury start with identifying the species and then locating the nest.

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